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NEWS / February 28, 2014
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Hard Water: What Is It & Why Should I Care?
What exactly is hard water, and why do I care?


...That's a fair question to ask.


Hard water is water that has a high mineral content, usually calcium or magnesium, or some compound thereof. That doesn’t sound too bad, does it? But any plumber in Central Kenutcky will tell you otherwise. Although hard water isn’t harmful when you drink it or bathe in it (in some cases it may increase skin-irritation), the REAL danger with hard water is what it does to your plumbing system...


You may be able to identify the evidence of hard water in your own home. Take a closer look at your shower head or faucet head. Do you notice a crusty, white build-up on the surface of your fixtures? You're seeing deposits left behind by hard water. Left untreated, this type of build-up will clog your faucet head, shower head or other fixtures. Hard water deposits do the exact same thing inside your pipes, which will require a professional to repair.

Hard water can be even more damaging in appliances, such as your hot water heater. Over time, the hard water can form a layer on the bottom of the heater, creating an insulating layer between the burners and the water they need to heat. Not only does that reduce your water heater’s efficiency, but it can damage the tank itself.

What should I do about hard water in my home?


The solution: call H2O Maestro! Our expert plumbers will install a whole-home treatment system designed to keep the mineral content out of your water and out of your home plumbing system!


For the best service 24/7/365, call H2O Maestro, a Fayette Heating & Air Company. We have experts available anytime, day or night, to answer all of your questions about hard water, and any other plumbing problem you might have!

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